We are an Indonesian-German couple working in the field of film, coffee, dance and movement education. We built Joglo Gumuk in 2013 as a second base for ourselves. We manage and maintain Joglo Gumuk together with the family Pak Sukarman and Mbak Parsiyem, who own this land and our friend Murti, who helps us with management.  We believe that land should stay in the hands of the people, who live in this village. We understand ourselves as guests, who support the people in the village to make a living. Not the opposite.



In the process of building our two historical Javanese houses on the land in front of the ricefields, we were discussing what name we could give our new place. But the people in the village were faster. For them we were already Joglo Gumuk. Joglo is the name of the Javanese architecture of our main house. Gumuk describes in Javanese the area between the village and the ricefields. Which is where we are located.



Our land is located around 8 km south of Yogyakarta in the area of Bangungjiwo, the village Gendeng directly in front of  beautiful farmlands of rice fields and vegetables. We are surrounded by villages, which produce diverse local handicrafts such as Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppets (Shadaw Theatre Puppets), Kayu Batik (a batik technique applied on wood) and pottery.



Our vision is to offer our guests a place, from where they can experience the local culture and tropical nature away from the touristic crowds. Tropical wooden houses offer the perfect architecture for tropical living with the best ventialtion system and ability to stay cool throughout the day and night without Aircon.

In assembling the two historical wooden houses, our idea is to preserve the atmosphere of living in a historical house, while balancing out comfort with unnecessary luxury. When staying in Traditional Wooden Houses, the  concept of inside and outside blurres. It is a unique experience of living in intimacy with nature and be in touch with Javanese culture.



Katia and Faozan together with Murti and the Family of Mbak Parsiyem, Pak Sukarman and their daughters Irla and Navisa